The typical function of a diverter material is to divert injected fluids from one area of a wellbore to another area of the wellbore. This is done to reduce the overall cost of the operation by simplifying the well intervention. There are many methods of accomplishing this goal but in general, the diverter must have the following characteristics: it must be easily removed so as to not cause any flow restrictions after the treatment; it must not adversely react with the formation fluids; and it must economical to use.

For example, rock salt is the most common diverter used in acid treatments in water disposal wells as the fluid that the salt will see the most is disposal water. The disposal water will dissolve the rock salt over time and remove the damaging effects of the rock salt. Where this sometimes fails, is the scenario where the disposal water is saturated with salt already. This would necessitate using a fresh water flush to remove the salt diverter prior to putting the well back on disposal.

There are several other types of diverting material and all have their inherent usefulness. Typically, the diversion is recommended on a case by case basis.

Kaliber Chemicals has the following product(s) available:
Poly Loc II  – Water Soluble Diverter for Fracture and Acid Stimulation Treatments.
Poly Loc III – Water Soluble Lost Circulation Material for Drilling or Cementing applications.

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