H2S scavengers convert highly toxic H2S to water or oil soluble forms of organic molecules that are non-toxic. There are a variety of chemistry available to do this and these chemicals are designed for different amounts of H2S that need to be removed.

Large refineries and gas processing plants will use a re-generative type of H2S scavenger that can be re-used by removing the precipitated Sulphur from the treating unit whereas small processing plants and batch type applications will use a single use, non-regenerative type of scavenger. These non-regenerative scavengers can be designed for use in oil or water.

Kaliber Chemicals has the following product(s) available:
SCV10-HSC – Highly efficient H2S Scavenger Concentrate
SCV11-HSS – Diluted non-winterized H2S Scavenger
SCV12-HSW – Diluted winterized H2S Scavenger

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