SOL40–WD is a non-aqueous blend of biodegradable, non-fuming, ultra-low odor cleaning agents designed to wash the toughest hydrocarbon encrusted dirt there is off any type of metal or plastic.

Features and Benefits

  • High efficacy for hydrocarbon coated material
  • Resists spackling of asphaltenes on surfaces
  • Contains specialty surfactants designed to leave surfaces water wet to allow rinsing with straight water
  • Ultra-low pour point of -20°C


  • SOL40–WD can be used to clean all types of machines, parts, storage tanks, or rail cars. Virtually anything that is coated in hydrocarbons can be effectively cleaned
  • Used in concentrated or diluted form (typically, a 10% dilution)

Testing was performed to illustrate the exceptional cleaning abilities of SOL40-WD.

  • Coupon was brushed with bitumen
  • Immersed in cleaner for 5 minutes
  • Raised out of cleaner, dried for 15 min
  • Water rinse

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SOL40-WD – Biodegradable Equipment Wash

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