WT10–OSW is a powerful agent to reduce odors and the ability of bacteria to produce H2S producing anerobic bacteria in RV Holding tanks and other wastewater sources. The product is cost effective, environmentally friendly and highly efficient.

WT10–OSW does not contain Formaldehyde.

Features and Benefits

  • Biodegradable, fast acting and has virtually no odor
  • No flashpoint and exhibits a -8°C freeze point
  • WT10–OSW kills the anerobic bacteria that is the source of H2S
  • Reduces odor resulting from H2S and mercaptans
  • Does not contain methanol, chlorides, dyes or perfumes
  • Non-toxic to aquatic life (96 hour LC50 = 2 g/L)


  • WT10–OSW can be used in out-houses, RV Holding Tanks and wastewater ponds
  • Add WT10–OSW directly to the holding tanks or flush into system
  • WT10–OSW can be added to make up water for producing steam and the produced steam will effectively eliminate odors and H2S from tank atmospheres or other atmospheres to which the steam is introduced
  • Use in black or gray water holding tanks only
  • 1st time use 250ml – 500ml per 200L tank
  • Repeat applications use 250ml – 500ml per 200L tank, or as required for desired results

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