“Surfactants are surface active agents that can include a multitude of chemical types designed to accomplish a specific goal. This goal can include foaming a fluid, preventing an emulsion, dispersing a fluid within another fluid or altering the wetting ability of a fluid. Surfactants can also encourage a mineral to hold onto a particular fluid (or gas) or help the fluid (or gas) be released from a particular mineral. The vast number of jobs that surfactants can perform necessitate focusing on the duty that the surfactant is to accomplish to determine the proper surfactant to use.???

Kaliber Chemicals has the following product(s) available:

SRF10-IFT – Non-ionic, water dispersible,nano-fluid designed to aid in the recovery of water and oil after stimulation.
SRF20-NE – A highly efficient non-emulsifier for workovers, fracturing and acidizing applications.