Friction reducers are designed to keep a fluid in laminar flow which will reduce the amount of power required to move a Newtonian type fluid (such as water). These friction reducers are generally a specific type of chemistry based on PolyAcrylaMides (PAMs).

These are primarily used in high rate slick water fracturing to both increase the rate at which the service company can pump the fluid and also reduce the amount of horsepower it takes to pump that fluid.

This class of chemicals can be made to reduce the friction of fresh to very high salinity formation water and some even can increase the viscosity (by adding more of the PAM) of the friction reduced water so that the fluid can carry more sand or can open a wider fracture.

Kaliber Chemicals has the following product(s) available:
FR10-HSHigh Salt Tolerant Friction Reducer
FR11-CFR Cationic Friction Reducer
FR20-HV – High Viscosity Friction Reducer
FR21-HV – Salt Tolerant High Viscosity Friction Reducer.

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