MR10-SS has been developed to replace the difficult and dangerous to handle Hydrofluoric acid (HF). The product will dissolve silicate-based minerals including clay species and precipitated silicate scales. The fluid can be added to HCl and HCl substitutes to increase the acid treatments effectiveness (more material will be removed per m3 pumped).

When added to HCl, MR10-SS will contribute to increased mineral solubility (by dissolving any silicates present) without the worry of the typical adverse reactions that occur with carbonate material when using standard HF acid.

Features and Benefits

  • Neutral pH and non-hazardous
  • Completely miscible in HCl and HCl substitutes
  • Will not precipitate fluosilicate ions if contacting HCl soluble minerals
  • Compatible with all other additives used in matrix stimulation


  • Should not be transported in fiberglass tank trucks
  • MR10-SS must be added on location to the acid blend just prior to pumping
  • 30 l/m3 MR10-SS is roughly equivalent to 1% HF

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MR10-SS – Silicate Dissolver

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