SOL30–S8 is a blend of high pH fluid, surfactants and iron control to effectively disperse anddissolve Sulphur. The fluid works best at elevated temperatures.

Features and Benefits

  • High efficacy for Sulphur and mixed Sulphur/oil deposits
  • Typically, a minimum 4-hour soak time is recommended
  • Water based fluid, therefore no fire protection is required and the fluid does not have a flash point


  • SOL30-S8 works best when BHT is 50°C or greater. Soak times maybe excessive if temperature is below this value.
  • SOL30–S8 will dissolve 150 kg Sulphur per cubic meter in optimal conditions
  • Can be spotted down annulus or directly down tubing
  • Volume required is based on amount of Sulphur required to be removed. If only a small volume of SOL30-S8 can be spotted across the deposit, then multiple soak periods are recommended

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SOL30-S8 – Sulphur Solvent

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